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Startseite / Conference October 5/6, 2017
Startseite / Conference October 5/6, 2017

Conference October 5/6, 2017


Conference Placing Children in Care
5/6 October 2017 in Olten, Switzerland


Thursday, October 5
2 pm Welcome
2.15 pm

Jeroen Dekker, University Groningen
An Expanding Spectrum. The Transformation of Focus in Investigations into
Historical Child Abuse in Post-Second World War Out-of-home Care.

3.15 pm Coffee Break
3.45 pm

David Niget, University of Angers, France, University of Québec, Montreal, Canada
Governing the Child: the Parental State and Residential Care in the 20th Century

4.45 pm     Panel Discussion: Upbringing and State Intervention

Chair: Martin Lengwiler, University Basel, Anne-Françoise Praz, University Fribourg
Research Team: Clara Bombach, Markus Bossert,
Susanne Businger, Véronique Czaka, Yves Collaud,
Thomas Gabriel, Mirjam Janett, Samuel Keller, Nadja Ramsauer

6 pm      End


Friday, October 6
9.15 am Sarah-Anne Buckley, National University, Galway, Ireland
Child Welfare, Legitimacy and institutionalisation in the Irish Context,
10.15 am Coffee Break
10.45 am

Panel Discussion, Pedagogics in Residential Child Care:
Training Schools, Courses, Concepts

Chair: Joëlle Droux, University of Geneva, Gisela Hauss, University of
Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland
Research Team: Clara Bombach, Véronique Czaka, Yves Collaud,
Jöelle Droux,Thomas Gabriel, Sara Galle, Gisela Hauss,
Mirjam Janett, Samuel Keller

noon Lunch
1.15 pm

Johanna Sköld, Linköping University, Sweden
Let them talk but will the world listen? Care leavers’ narratives and the
Swedish redress process’ approach to them.

2.15 pm

Katie Wright, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Remembering childhood and investigating past abuse in an age of historical abuse inquiries

3.15 pm Coffee Break
3.45 pm

Panel Discussion: The Child in Residential Care. Object of Research,
Developmental Project and Subject of His Own Biography.

Chair: Thomas Gabriel, Nadia Ramsauer
Research Team: Clara Bombach, Markus Bossert, Susanne Businger,
Thomas Gabriel, Gisela Hauss,
Samuel Keller, Nadja Ramsauer

5 pm Apéro


Registration by September 20, 2017; please send an e-mail to
Registrations will be considered in the order of their arrival. The conference is free of charge.

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
School of Social Work
Riggenbachstrasse 16
4600 Olten

The room will be indicated on the monitor screen at the entrance.